FuelGo operates within the Vehicle Fleet Management industry.

A productivity review within their client’s business operations identified various inefficiencies in the fuel management process. In the process of solving these inefficiencies, FuelGo saw the opportunity to expand their solution to a wider market.


FuelGo was looking for a technology partner, that both understands their client’s needs and also operates with a modern framework and technology stack that can handle the multi device reality of todays interconnected world. We at CoDesign Apps matched their requirements, so a fruitful partnership started.

There are various challenges to solving the moving pieces of the puzzle. 


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Two backend portals are required, one for FuelGo to manage FuelGo clients on the platform and one for the client to manage its vehicle fleet and drivers. Further, an easy-to-use mobile app is required for vehicle drivers to handle the re-fueling and payment process. The mobile application needs to run across all Android and iOS mobile devices.

We helped FuelGo in various ways.

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Initially we enhanced and streamlined the client workflow processes. Then we separated out the various moving pieces of the puzzle into independent pieces of work, that each on its own had to operate well. Once that is done, we could provide a stable and working integrated solution, that allows FuelGo to service its clients, as well as allow its clients to manage their drivers and vehicle fleet.

FuelGo is very happy to continue to work with CoDesign apps to improve their clients Fuel Management Process.






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