We are a team of passionate people here at CoDesign apps, and we love apps! So, of course, without question, we wanted to have an app of our own inspiration, design and creation. And it is coming soon to your app stores, so please welcome;

Eat Sleep Travel. 

Eat sleep travel is your travel companion. It informs every aspect of your travel experience.
From exploring where to travel, to supporting trip planning, budget management, sharing experiences, collecting and safe keeping of trip experiences and revisiting memories of previous trips

Eat sleep travel users are a community of travellers that can rely on each-others information and insider tips to have the best trip experience.

ES 2

With all good things, we’ll have to wait a little before all the features are in, but the first release will contain the budget management features, right data, such as photos, receipts, notes, tags, categories etc.

Another great thing about Eat Sleep Travel is that from the ground up it assumes, you are likely to travel in groups of at least two, thus all trip members can manage the budget and share trip experiences together.

ES 1

We hope you do love Eat Sleep Travel, we sure do.



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