Rapid Prototyping, why we do it

It is hard these days to meet anyone, who at some stage has not dreamt about starting a company or coming up with a cool app. As the mind shuffles through all the moving bits needed to make the dream a reality, it all feels so very daunting. There is always some skillset missing, slowing us down, discouraging us to take a leap of faith.

No single idea for an application must be fully formed before you start working on it and make it reality, introducing Rapid Prototyping.

Rapid Prototyping

Imagine you have been working on a concept for three months, you may have even mocked up some drawings and used a web tool to draw up some screens. You have thought about the business and even have a business and marketing plan in your head. But there are so many ideas floating around that it’s hard to decide where to start.

Rapid Prototyping is all about dissecting your vision into smaller pieces of work that can be executed with more control and in rapid succession.

Cost Efficiencies

There are major benefits to the rapid prototyping process:

  1. Timing, timing, timing! In a short amount of time (weeks, not months) your vision can be translated into an application. This allows you to truly play with the application on a real device and get a sense if the idea works in the way you envisioned. If it can, great, lets move to the next step. If it can’t you can pivot and adjust before you have spent a fortune
  2. Refine your business concepts
  3. Test out multiple concepts before you deep dive into a full business solution
  4. You do not have to solve every business issue that you can already foresee, focus on the main vision of and the reason you wanted to try yourself with an app in the first place
  5. You can show a real prototype application to real users and get real user feedback in a short amount of time.
  6. Now that you spent only weeks, not months on a prototype and you have real user feedback, you have a much clearer idea, what your application should really focus on. The next proto-typing session will be much more targeted, focused and you have a likely a much better idea than anyone else, what your application should really be able to do.
  7. Focused prototyping allows you to scale right. You realize quickly where your priorities are, which parts of your business vision you should scale now and which parts need more work.


Flutter – the enabling framework

Flutter is a Google Framework developed in 2017. One of the key benefits of Flutter is that developers need to write only a single code base and deploy to any platform, such as iOS, Android, Web and others. This makes Flutter especially well-suited to rapid prototyping.

Rapid prototyping in Flutter enables you to spend more time realizing your business visions and less time concerning yourself with the underlying technology.


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