CoDesign Apps - A Melbourne based app studio

Turning your ideas into successful ventures

CoDesign Apps transforms your ideas into world-class apps across Android, iOS and the web. We build apps fast with Flutter, the Google framework for building cross-platform.

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Your vision. Your app. Done right.

We use our co-design process to bring your ideas to life.

CoDesign Apps uses Google's Flutter framework to build high quality, lightning-fast native iOS and Android apps. But it doesn’t stop there. The same codebase developed for mobile can be used to deploy Progressive Web Apps and even native macOS,

Windows and Linux apps. That’s one codebase to rule them all!

Our services

We build apps. As much and as little as you want.

Customised workshops

We offer 1:1 or small group workshops to take you thru what's involved in developing an app and how to talk to a technical team. Contact us for more details.

Lightning fast build

Already have an idea and the scope, but need to quickly get your idea on screen to show others? We can do a quick-build to help you as you explore, enhance and clarify your idea

Design & develop

We offer the full suite for app development. From ideation, thru build, release and maintenance and support.  Contact us for more details and book your free individual consultation.

Expert consultants

Our team includes experienced business consultants and developers, who will work closely with you to advise, guide and maximize the business value you are really after.

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Target mobile, web, & desktop apps

Beautiful intuitive design

We make apps that look great, are easy to use and run smoothly on any device.

Peace of mind

Our delivery process revolves around you. We build iteratively in short sprints with frequent deliverables. You get to test the app at the end of each sprint and before the next begins. You won’t ever need to wonder how your app is coming along.

Clients we work for

Our recent projects.

Don’t wait for a year, collecting courage to take a step you always wanted to take. Take a leap of faith now and contact us at CoDesign Apps. We have expertise to guide you at any step of the way. We can provide as much or as little support as you need. We can help you steer clear of pitfalls and bring your idea to life in much less time than you imagined possible.


We care about our customers experience too

CoDesign Apps has quickly become a trusted business partner. Along with their technical expertise, the standout feature for us has been the time they have invested in understanding our business and the direction we want to take. They offer a really good service in mapping out ideas and options before showcasing early products. We know that their solutions not only look great but are also properly coded under the hood, giving us the confidence that future products within our business will be fully flexible and scalable.

Ravi Ramanujam, CEO

nexWare Technologies
It is great working with the team at CoDesign Apps to develop our portal and bring our mobile apps to life. Their technical expertise helps us greatly in creating apps to really meet our business needs. The iterative build process means things can be made quickly and allows us to constantly feed back ideas along the way. The team is great in handling our queries, and really make us feel supported and in control while they work their magic in the background. Overall it was a great experience and we'd highly recommend them to others..

Emal Naim, Partner at The Hour Group and Co-Founder at FuelGo

The HourGroup / FuelGo
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